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Experience in Heat Straightening Contracts

A12 Wellington Bridge

The Wellington Bridge is a three span overbridge constructed in 1965 of steel concrete composite construction. The bridge carries a single carriageway over the A12 HaSield Peverel Bypass trunk Road. The structure was initially struck on the cantilever span of Beam 7 and again for a second time with a vehicle striking the boLom flange of the suspended span steel beam around 0.55m from the half joint. In addition, Beam 6 and beam 5 sustained impact damage. Heat Straightening and remediation were successfully carried out to repair the affected Girders

A38 Aston Bridge Strike

Aston Bridge B7 carrying the A38 in Birmingham comprises a continuous five span composite trapezoidal steel box with internal webs and reinforced concrete deck. The two vehicular impacts (in September 2014 and October 2015) resulted in two holes on the soffit and one hole on the side, and caused two stiffeners to buckle and deform Remedial works were required to restraighten and reinforce the damage Box Girder.

Oakley Road Bridge

This structure carries a single carriageway of the 60mph Oakley Road (Class C) over the dual carriageway of the 70mph A6 Paula Radcliffe Way, near Clapham, Bedfordshire. The structure comprises a 3-span continuous composite steel girder and reinforced concrete deck slab with an overall skew length of 60.900m between the faces of the abutments. The collision damaged the north side of the boLom flange on both the outer girders (i.e. 2 no. out of 4 no. girders of the bridge deck). Heat straightening repairs were successfully carried out to correct the damage.

A 64 Seamer Railway Bridge

The A64 Seamer Station Railway Bridge is a 4-span, continuous construction, steel-composite structure, curved in plan to a constant radius. Each of the 6 lines of main support girders is of plate girder construction over the piers, with bolted splices to rolled section span-beams. The impact to beam 2 primarily caused local damage to the flange but also caused around 30mm of global misalignment of the flange with corresponding plastic hinges in the web. Heat Straightening works were successfully carried out during full night-time closures of the B1261 Cayton Low Road on the bridge deck and A64 under the bridge.

A500 Shelton New Road Bridge

The A500 Shelton New Road bridge is a simply supported 4 span composite structure with 16 No steel 762x267 universal beams and reinforced concrete deck. The project scope was to carry out repairs to 11 beams that were damaged by high vehicular impact. In addition to the heat straightening repairs, a number of the existing steel sections were required to be removed & new sections welded in place, these intrusive repairs were carried out where the plastic deformation ratio was in excess of 50mm due to localised impact. The contract works were successfully carried out over a period of 13 weeks and delivered ahead of schedule.